This summer US company Breathometer will be releasing the first phone friendly breathalyzer to let us test our bloods alcohol content on the go and allow us to make informed decisions on whether we should be driving. Once released the accompanying app will direct us to the nearest Taxi firm if the test reveals that we are over the limit.


While this may be an interesting little device, we can’t help but think a much more reliable way of deciding whether or not to drive is just not to drive after having a drink.


Maybe a better use of this device would be to make us confirm we’re sure about sending embarrassing text message on a night out if we fail the Breathalyzer.


Watching this ad may haunt you…

About a month ago I posted up a Phones4U advert that I found on YouTube which they’d obviously created for Halloween.

Since it has been airied, the Advertising Standards Authority have launched an investigation into the advert over claims that the promotion is ‘too scary’ for young children, after it received a total of 341 complaints from viewers.

“It is claimed that the advert may be unduly distressing and is inappropriately screened for children.”

Do you think it’s maybe a bit too scary for a younger audience? 

You can watch it here, if you haven’t seen it yet:


Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You!

Love this Halloween advert from Phones 4U! There’s also a Zombie but one but it’s not as good: http://youtu.be/wrIZnC8q7RQ