Nottinghill Carnival!

I’ve been to many festivals and carnivals in the past, but one i’ve always wanted to visit is Nottinghill Carnival in East London.

After finishing uni, me and my friends vowed to meet up at least twice a year and visit some place new! My friend Hannah lives in Surrey so we thought Nottinghill Carnival would be perfect!

We’d had trains booked for weeks and we all couldn’t wait.

We went on children’s day so thought it would be less busy. It wasn’t… However, the carnival itself was great! It was like one big street party with Caribbean food being sold everywhere and mini sound systems in the street where everyone was dancing.

One bit I was looking forward to the most was the parade… We only managed to catch a few floats because of the large crowds but everyone was so friendly. I loved seeing the children dressed up and dancing. It evoked such a sense of community!

Although I wasn’t feeling too good I had a really great day. The weather managed to hold out and I just enjoyed being around my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. Even if we did lose one of them and go home at 7:30…

It was a great way to spend the bank holiday :)


First day outfit panic!

It’s approximately 16 hours until I move to London to start my new job on Monday and amongst the student finance letters, bills, deposits, oyster cards applications and Google map print-outs it has suddenly dawned on me I have no plan for what I am wearing on my first day.   First-day outfit choice is always a stressful decision for me, as I do believe in the old ‘one chance to make a first impression’ thing – but for my first job in fashion, this seems even harder.  As soon as I start to think about it, the contents of my wardrobe goes running through my head as if its on a conveyor belt.  The only thing stopping me from going into total melt down is the prospect of visiting Oxford Street on Sunday.   After all, when in doubt -  shop.  

Wish me luck!


Showing London in a completely different light and in an unprecedented amount of detail showing not just famous buildings and travel links but also adding a level of history and culture through illustration, this hand drawn map took two months to complete and imaginably a lot of blood sweat and tears to finish.


You can read more about this map here http://jennisparks.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/hand-drawn-map-of-london.html


Just saw this on the CR blog and thought it was awesome.  It’s a typographic timeline installed in Sony Music’s HQ in London, created by designer Alex Fowkes to capture the history of Sony Music from 1887-2012. Really nice blend of type and illustration.


My first visit to Camden by @_rosesinhereyes

So earlier this week, I went to Camden for the first time on a trip to London with work. I’ve been to capital many times before but foolishly never been to Camden. My friend Abbie offered to take me round as she now lives there and I jumped at the chance.

For a northerner whose biggest cultural experience is visiting The Deep. I found it well … amazing!

It was like stepping into another country, or another world. Everybody is so friendly and I have never seen so much talent oozing from buskers in my life. 

I stepped off the tube and witnessed a rap battle, went to the Starbucks and saw what  I think was Banksy’s tribute to Amy Winehouse and was in awe at the quirky clothes shops and all you can eat food stalls (two of my favourite things).

The place just seems brimming of so much talent and culture. I’ve never wanted to move away from where I live now, as I think it’s great when you make the most of it. But Camden… I felt like I belonged!

This is definitely one of the best places Force-7 @force7tweets has taken me on my travels with work so far … I need to go back!

Sadie x


Kings College London University Union

Walking into the Barbican Exhibition Hall 2 I was greeted with the KCLSU village fete. This was an area set aside within the hall to offer Fresher’s and returning students the chance to participate in a traditionally British event.

After a summer of Olympics and Jubilee’s this British invasion within the hall was very welcome!! Amongst the greegrass (plastic - not real haha) were deck chairs and games - the sort you would find at any village green Sunday fete!

Students could be seen queuing up in their droves to take part in the games on offer ranging from concentration hames to hook a duck! All of this of course in keeping with the university’s incentive to ‘give it a go’ !

This kitch and kooky spin on both the village fete and indeed Fresher’s fair made KCLSU a truly unique experience for the students with many being captivated by the display and produce on offer ( more so than usual)! Of all the student’s unions I have visited this month, KCL have definitely made a unique welcome for their students!!


BBC unveiled the campaign ‘Stadium UK’ during the Euro 2012 final last night.

It features animated, Super-stylised athletes competing in Scottish lochs, terraced streets and around London. The film also features Five Steps, the Olympics ‘theme tune’ written by Elbow.

Stadium UK was developed to reflect both the unique role the BBC plays as the official UK Olympic broadcaster and to reflect the size and scale of the olympics. It uses the strapline ‘Wherever you are. Never miss a moment with the BBC’, and will span the corporation’s television, radio and digital Olympic content. It will also be used as the title sequence for the broadcaster’s television coverage.

The concept for the animation was created and developed by RKCR/Y&R, the animation was visualised by Passion and the sequence was brought to life by Red Bee Media. The full version of the animation will premiere on BBC One tomorrow (3 July)


Premier Foods and JCDecaux are debuting a new outdoor advertising format that will see free Mr Kipling cakes dispensed from specially converted poster sites.

The dispensers will distribute up to 500 Mr Kipling Angel Slices every day when consumers touch a button. The vinyl-wrapped posters will also emit the cake’s aroma to tempt consumers to interact with the site.

The posters, which will appear in 19 sites across the UK, will be supported by an experiential campaign, with an interactive “Cakemobile” touring the UK from 27 March to 9 May.

PR activity will be fronted by Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page who switched on the first dispenser on London’s Tottenham Court Road this week.

The campaign was created to promote the brand’s “snap pack” format and remind consumers that they can eat its products on the go.


Police figures reveal that on average 1 man every hour in London is the victim of sexual crime. British charity SurvivorsUK are running an outdoor campaign in London from 25th February - 17th March creating awareness for sexual violence against men.

The campaign is associated with the Six Nations rugby tournament and will be featured in London train and tube stations when England are playing at home in the tournament. I think this is a really good advert, as it’s something that will really stand out as you walk past.

I don’t think I can ever recall seeing an advert promoting awareness of male sexual assault, but as soon as I saw this I was like ‘what? that’s pretty bold.’ which made me start looking at all the elements of the advert. It’s also a good time and location to get catch people’s eye! Well done SurvivorsUK. 


Face-Recognizing Billboard Shows Ad to Women Only

Sporting a Y chromosome? A new high-tech, outdoor billboard being tested in London won’t let you see its advertisement.

Developed by Plan UK, a non-profit organization that helps children in third-world countries, the billboard will promote the group’s “Because I’m a Girl” campaign. The effort is designed to help sponsor girls in developing countries receive a proper education. Men won’t be able to see the full ad, and will be directed to the organization’s website instead, to show men “a glimpse of what it’s like to have basic choices taken away.” The fairer sex, on the other hand, will see a full 40-second video promoting Plan UK’s cause.


The problem with making a giant Creme Egg is that you end up with a giant mess when it gets its Goo out… No this isn’t a crime scene; which 2012 Goo Games sport do you think this fella’s been competing in at Covent Garden?


15 years since Geri Halliwell took to the Brits stage in that Union Jack dress, the former Spice Girl is launching her own range of Union Jack clothing at Next in March, inspired by this year’s Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics coming to the UK. I think I want the tank top - second in from the left!


"Eggsperiential" Fundraising

"Eggsplore" the streets of London and get "Eggcited"

Launching on Shrove Tuesday on 21st February 2012, for 40 days and 40 nights London will be holding the biggest egg hunt the city has ever seen! Each corner of London will hold treasures for you to discover, “hatching wonders” as you journey around the city. The two charities behind the event are Elephant Family and Action for Children. Their shared passion has brought them together to co-create The Big Egg Hunt to raise money, which they both urgently need. 

Over 200 2 ½ foot fibreglass crafted eggs have been created by artists, designers, architects and jewellers.Some of the artists include: Faberge, Vivienne Westwood and the Chapman Brothers. Each egg will each bare a unique design and be displayed around high profile locations throughout London. You can venture through the city discovering exciting clues for a classic but truly original Easter experience!

 Like the Facebook page and get involved:



The devastating crisis hitting Britain’s young people

This weekend dozens of young people completed a 400-mile journey from Jarrow to London. They were then joined by hundreds more as they handed in a petition to number 10, pleading for a job creation programme, the reinstatement of the Education Maintenance Allowance and youth services to be protected.


Put simply, this march told the story of a generation of young people crying out for social justice. Young people are angry, they know they’re getting a tough time – but they know that times are only set to get tougher.

A crisis is set to hit Britain, a crisis of Britain’s youth. We are said to be the future, but a perfect storm is brewing, and is set to devastate the livelihoods of young people.


One trend to come out of London Fashion Week is the element of ‘dalmation beauty.’ Topshop promoted Minnie Mouse buns, spotty nails and even blackened noses on the catwalk!

More! magazine asked who would dare to bare the canine look first? The answer: Beccie and Cassie from the Force-7 office!

Both clearly missed their calling to be models for London Fashion Week - next year maybe …