Make your audience itch for your product!

Sometimes, when it comes to design, it’s not so much the form as the function that makes the end result extra special.

This gigantic floor graphic’s form is incredibly simple: a photograph of a dog scratching itself, with a snappy brand message pinpointing the issue and providing a call to action. But it’s the function that makes it work so well.

As customers walk across the massive mutt, they become active visual elements rather than obstructions. The graphic which, despite its size, could be ignored after an initial glance is transformed into a living promotional channel, ever-changing and never presenting the same arrangement twice.

So though bigger isn’t always better, bigger and smarter is the best!



This animation by ADHD and the Layzell Brothers is just so freaky that we had to share it! The thing is, despite its frenetic pace, wild colours and social behaviour that may make you weep, it’s also scarily relatable.

Please note that it gets pretty damn dark toward the end, but it’s still funny and filled with brilliantly simple but engaging animation.


Light up the world!

Light Art is an amazing creative outlet. It’s basically one long photo, with everything that happens between the lens opening and closing being caught on film. The result is something really quite breathtaking… providing you do something more interesting that turning on a lightbulb.



We fear change… Nahhhhhhh!

So, Facebook’s changing its logo. Kinda.

Despite what the majority of the comments on this Design Taxi article say, a simple tweaking can often work better than a complete visual overhaul. In this instance, the logo and its corresponding icons remain familiar (or at least self-explanatory), yet the overall effect is one of renewal and aesthetic optimisation.

Or are we just reading too much into a minor shift of alignment?image

Whatever the case, these changes are due to roll-out pretty soon. Chances are that many people won’t even notice them, but seeing how we’ve given you a heads-up you’ll be able to impress your friends using your incredible powers of observation. 

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What’s your type?

Are you a word lover? Many of us are. But how about the letters that make up the words? No, scratch that. How about the design of the characters themselves, alphanumeric and punctuational alike?

Whether you truly realise it or not, typography is incredibly important to our world, and has been for centuries. The creation of a typeface can be a painstaking process but, as with all other forms of design, the stress of trial and error before achieving perfection is crucial. How the characters look alone is one thing, and how they work in unison is another, but the essential factor is how they convey the words they form as a whole. Or more precisely, the meaning and sentiment behind those words.

Helvetica has been around since 1957 and is still considered one of the finest typefaces ever created. Many people wouldn’t know Helvetica by sight if it slapped them round the chops with an upper case H, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the clarity of design, resulting in clean, comfortable, no-nonsense readability.

We’d love to see fifty years into the future; find out if a typeface is created that’s universally recognised as superior to Helvetica, but only time will tell. Until then, we’ll leave you with this sage clarification of the art of typography from UK designer @markboulton:

"Most people think typography is about fonts. Most designers think typography is about fonts. Typography is more than that, it’s expressing language through type. Placement, composition, typechoice."



Different Angles for LG

I absolutely love these adverts from LG, taking widely-loved films to a different level. Such a novel idea!


Thought I would share this poster created by Katie Baxendale, a design graduate from Shillington College created for an exhibition entitled ‘Sell Yourself’ where Katie and her fellow peers pitched their work to the industry and to their potential employers. Great idea and well executed in my opinion :)


For a while we were content with the Old Spice Guy to give us our daily quota of manly horse-mounting madness. Then Jean-Claude Van Damme came along in his frayed double denim to pit his machismo against the ice cold refreshment of Coors Light.

Now we have J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream. Fellas, it’s time to act like real men - pork up!


Whether you think artist and illustrator Job van deer Molen is a creative genius or a creepy weirdo, you have to admit that his series of works combining the natural world with manmade mechanisms is pretty fascinating.

And whilst the image of a beaver with an electric saw going up its bum and out its mouth (seemingly without any discomfort) may be a little unnerving, the weaponised bumblebee is so awesome you probably wouldn’t mind it blowing up your picnic.


We often have a problem with lunch thieves at Force-7, in that sandwiches mysteriously go missing.

Let’s face it, it happens at pretty much every workplace: Phil brought ham sarnies but would rather have Cassie’s tuna mayo, Jo made chicken panini but Tom’s corned beef somehow looks better.

Then we came across this ingenious product. The only problem is, if we all use them, we’ll probably end up chucking each other’s sandwiches in the bin and go hungry!


Are you a hardcore gamer?

Can’t find the time to take care of your personal hygiene because you’re too busy being the descendent of an assassin, a high-speed hedgehog or a portal-firing robot? We understand. That’s why DigitalSoaps make soap bars in the shape of Wii controllers, Game Boys and old school cartridges.

So now, when you need to get rid of the bodily funk but can’t keep away from the digital junk, pop in the shower with one of these beauties and hold down the B Button until you smell as good as Princess Peach.



Are they… Barbie boobs?

They most certainly are! Margaux Lange’s jewellery uses amputated limbs from every girl’s favourite doll, which isn’t creepy at all. 

But you have to admit, whether it’s a bracelet of perfectly manicured lopped off hands or a necklace of eternally smiling lower jaws, this bling is off the chain!


'Experience Unseen'

This work comes from the agency The Monkeys for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, and shows 3 beautiful pieces of film brought to life by photographer Simon Harsent. It goes to show that even if you do not have perfect vision, you should still be able to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us in life. I really like the idea behind each film, taking something so simple that anyone who can see perfectly is likely to take for granted. And they look stunning. 

The video shown is titled ‘The City’, and you can see the other videos here: 
The Bush - http://youtu.be/6T3wcAO8_Ao
The Ferry - http://youtu.be/mEnIZcNkr_Y 


What do you get when you combine one artist, 1,200 hours, over 100 pencils and a blank wall?

In many cases a load of doodles. But in Chris LaPorte’s case you get a 13’x26’ tribute to his grandad’s high school marching band.

City Band is a beautiful, breathtaking and fantastically detailed illustration based on a tatty old photo. It’s a perfect example of how you can achieve great things if you simply put your mind to it.

Oh, and LaPorte won a $250,000 art prize for his work too. If that’s not inspiring, we don’t know what is!


Best Ice Cream Ever

Welsh ice-cream range Joe’s has had a makeover courtesy of Unreal consultancy. the design is based on nostalgic letterpress-inspired typography, which I think looks amazing printed in simple colours on a white background. All of the comments about the the individual flavours have been taken from Trip Advisor and Facebook and applied to the design. This makes it even more special, and shows a great relationship between the brand and it’s consumer - it shows just how much it really cares about what people think and how they enjoy the product.

The branding has been applied to menus, posters, the website and the graphics will also be used for a Joe’s branded store opening in Cardiff. And of course it’s been used for the packaging itself which will be available in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda from this week. Exciting! Perfect excuse for insisting on purchasing some ice cream too…