Kopparberg is launching its first football themed campaign in the UK with a tactical push ahead of the England vs Sweden Euro 2012 match next week (15 June).

The cider brand is offering pubs and clubs across the UK ‘Swengland’ packs containing a ‘brigadeer’ and ‘blonde’ moustaches to be worn by England and Sweden fans respectively as well as the flags of both countries.

The campaign is being run from Kopparberg’s Facebook page, where fans and pubs can sign up to receive a pack ahead of the match, it is hoped the move will lead to a boost in the level of regular online interactions the brand has with its fans. Kopparberg claims its Facebook fanbase has doubled to 120,000 over the last six months.


Nike’s: My Time is Now Video


Nike has always had some amazing online marketing campaigns and while my favorite up to now had always been the Nike Better World website which kicked off the parallax background trend amongst web designers, I think this latest campaign may have just trumped even that.


While on the outside the “My Time Is Now” video it may just appear to be another YouTube video, when you go to watch it on Nike’s YouTube channel it all changes. The video is highly interactive with slow motion effects when you hover your mouse over certain players, and different mini games which can be accessed if you are watching in the right place at the right time.


These include the Nike Barber Shop, Football Brain, a Sonic The Hedgehog game with a football twist and some more that we couldn’t even find.


Click the link below to see if you can find them all!



Adidas calls for youths to take the stage at London 2012

Adidas has launched the latest stage of its London 2012 campaign with a TV advert starring David Beckham, Tom Daley and rapper Wretch 32 to promote its ‘Take the Stage’ Olympic campaign. It will launch later this week (14 April).

Adidas will run a series of competitions that give british youths a chance to work with professionals across different fields they hope to be successful in. 

Prizes include the chance for young photographers to accompany David Beckham on a promotional shoot. The ad is soundtracked by UK artist Wretch 32.

The spot, which began airing at the weekend, features singer Katy Perry, musician Example, comedian Keith Lemon and cricketer Kevin Pietersen.


Premier Foods and JCDecaux are debuting a new outdoor advertising format that will see free Mr Kipling cakes dispensed from specially converted poster sites.

The dispensers will distribute up to 500 Mr Kipling Angel Slices every day when consumers touch a button. The vinyl-wrapped posters will also emit the cake’s aroma to tempt consumers to interact with the site.

The posters, which will appear in 19 sites across the UK, will be supported by an experiential campaign, with an interactive “Cakemobile” touring the UK from 27 March to 9 May.

PR activity will be fronted by Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page who switched on the first dispenser on London’s Tottenham Court Road this week.

The campaign was created to promote the brand’s “snap pack” format and remind consumers that they can eat its products on the go.


Another awesome (and tasty) use of QR codes!

Pizza for dinner anyone? 


Watching this ad may haunt you…

About a month ago I posted up a Phones4U advert that I found on YouTube which they’d obviously created for Halloween.

Since it has been airied, the Advertising Standards Authority have launched an investigation into the advert over claims that the promotion is ‘too scary’ for young children, after it received a total of 341 complaints from viewers.

“It is claimed that the advert may be unduly distressing and is inappropriately screened for children.”

Do you think it’s maybe a bit too scary for a younger audience? 

You can watch it here, if you haven’t seen it yet:


Found these earlier and love the idea. I wonder how successful it was. 


This morning Cassie found this campaign that’s going on in the U.S at the moment, warning young people about the effects of meth. They have created a series of animations based on people’s stories.

The website has loads of information that’s specifically aimed at young people, making it really simple and easy to understand but not patronising them at all. They also provide ways to get involved with the campaign - you can leave a message / read other people’s stories / post artwork and get involved with different events the campaign has set up.

Check it out when you get a chance: http://www.methproject.org/


Honda bikes hires Tinchy Stryder to target teens

Honda’s motorbike division is targeting 14- to 18-year-olds with a pan-European campaign starring rapper Tinchy Stryder.

The online film starring Stryder is being supported by a Facebook game and a tie-up with fashion brand Gas in order to push the Vision 50, Honda’s 50cc entry level scooter.

Scooters can be driven by 14-year-olds in some European markets, whereas drivers must be 16 and older in the UK. 


There’s a new ‘Talk to FRANK’ campaign that has been launched and the video above is one of 4 that I could find on YouTube.

I’ve got to say that I’m not really loving these as much as previous campaigns. If they’re trying to be funny I think they’ve failed a bit and as they’re not hard-hitting I don’t think they’ll be as memorable as previous ads.

The other adverts can be found here:

That do you think about them? 


Dr Martens First & Forever Campaign

I’ve just come across this campaign and love how it incorporates fashion, music, romance and emotion. This campaign definitely pulls on the heartstrings, asking you to revisit your “first love” and remember that gut wrenching feeling of loss. 

Agyness Dean has been cast as the face of the campaign, she narrates the short campaign film (unscripted and in practically one take), sharing with us her first heartbreak. The rawness of her words really hit home and accompanied by the sombre sound track you are totally drawn into her words, feeling the pain she felt. You’ll definitely be clicking back to watch it again. 

The stills show some beautiful imagery of
Agyness Deyn and Ash Styment looking seriously cool in urban settings, oozing the punk-rock no rules lifestyle. 

The third part of the campaign allows users to share their “firsts” online e.g.. Their first pair of DMs, their first love, their first festival etc.. on a live feed where you can also add the location.

Tied up in the nostalgia which a pair of DM’s represent, everyone remembers there first… pair of Dr. Martens. 

New experiences shape us. First times define us. Single moments stay with us forever. 


Excellent road safety campaign from South Australia here. 

Taking a more comical look at the negative repercussions involved in losing your license.


We love the tone of voice of Wilkinson’s student / university campaign that we’ve just spotted in our research. 

Did you know, Wilkinson’s saw a 102% year on year revenue growth and a 500% increase in unprompted brand recognition among the target market as a direct result of this intervention! Proof that student marketing really does pay!


A great and hard-hitting poster campaign from ‘Save The Rhino’, an international charity conserving viable populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.